Aging is an inevitable part of living. But what if we could slow it down and keep ourselves looking as young as possible for as long as possible? In the past, everyone used to think that once you hit 40-50 years of age, you are consigned to look “middle aged”, old, and/or haggard.

But if you think like that, you are probably underestimating your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself. The body does possess a lot of recuperative and restorative powers, if you will only let it, and help it to help itself. Aging can be slowed down, but you need to understand the mechanics of aging.

Aging is controlled to a large extent by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces a hormone called human growth hormone or HGH/GH for short. This hormone regulates other hormones and influences cellular aging on a large scale in the body.


The pituitary gland slows down a lot after age 30. It slowly produces less and less GH as time goes by. This of course results in less blood levels of growth hormone and little by little, the body starts to show signs of aging. This downward slide is made worse by unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and sleeping late, and a sedentary lifestyle. Stress is also one of the chief contributors towards aging, so much so that people who are constantly stressed, start to get old quickly and look very worn out by their 40s.

Signs of aging are easily identified. Sagging and drying skin, wrinkles, deteriorating vision and memory, and a reduced ability to exercise, keep fit, and even sexual dysfunction (like E.D) are all typical signs of aging that you need to pay attention to, even while you are in your thirties.

You can fight back against this continuous decline of health by improving the overall health of your body, and your pituitary gland, in particular. Eliminating bad lifestyle habits, taking good care of your health, and nursing your pituitary gland back to health is how you slow down aging.

If you are sleeping late and not getting enough sleep, change your habit. If you hardly ever exercise and have developed a pot belly as a result, hit the gym – every day if possible. Eat healthy and live healthy. And for the pituitary gland, you can improve its health and function by taking a growth hormone releaser. One of the best known growth hormone releasers is GenF20 Plus. Learn all about GenF20 Plus from this site.

A growth hormone releaser will stimulate the pituitary gland to function better. Scientists have found out quite long ago, that growth hormone releasers composed of amino acid blends somehow stimulate pituitary gland function. They are the best alternative to getting hormone injections, which are dangerous, require a prescription, and very expensive. If you care about how you look and feel after age 40, no matter what your age, take the needed steps to combat the aging process in your body – today. And one of the crucial pieces of the puzzle is to take a growth hormone releaser such as GenF20 Plus.