People generally put a lot of stress on eating a very good breakfast. And there is every reason why one must have a very good and powerful breakfast, as it paves the way to a powerful day. Out of all the reasons, there are two key things that make breakfast vital

  1. A long interruption, i.e. a full night without a meal leaves you with very low energy to begin the day with, and that adds up to the importance of eating a very good breakfast.
  2. It sets you for the entire day. For instance, once you are done with your breakfast, you are expected to show up at office or school with full energy, and since being vibrant at morning hours matter as most meetings are scheduled then, it is important to eat your breakfast well, and eat breakfast that has right nutrition.

Now that you understand the importance of breakfast, let us go through some ground rules that you should follow while including or excluding anything from it.

Meal Which Suits Your Health

  1. The breakfast should be high on carbohydrates: When we say carbohydrates, we mean sugarless carbs like potato etc.
  2. It is okay to add coffee: No research proves that coffee is bad if taken during the morning hours. You should avoid it before bedtime, but in the mornings it would charge you up, but always have your coffee after eating your breakfast, as coffee reduces hunger, and this is something that you wouldn’t want for a power day.
  3. Drink Juices: Consider taking orange juice or watermelon juice in the morning. Juices have natural sugar and that makes you feel strong and healthy. Natural sugars can be quickly converted into energy, as a result, you get ample of energy till the time your digestive system breaks down other food to extract energy out of it.
  4. Milkshakes: They are very good for health, and the best thing about milkshakes is the fact that while the fruits supply short-term energy, the milk keeps you going in the long time (typically post 3-4 hours when digestive system starts processing it).
  5. Avoid protein rich stuff: You can keep that for lunch if you please, but for breakfast, confine yourself to something which is rich on card only, because the most important objective of eating breakfast is to give your body energy to sustain itself throughout the day.
  6. Don’t limit eating: Usually people tend to eat more in lunch than the breakfast and it is a bad practice, to stay fit and vibrant, consider eating a lot during the morning hours.

You can either have home cooked food, or order online from reputed restaurants. Nowadays, most of the restaurants offer breakfasts through apps like swiggy, tinyowl etc. So you can take that advantage and start eating a power breakfast daily.

Often they put up discounted meals that would allow you more potions, and there are combo meals that you can order during the morning hours which will give you a head start.

Remember, a healthy mind stays in a healthy body, and you can only keep healthy body if you eat healthy breakfast so go ahead and resolve to eat powerful breakfast from now on.