They say that summer bodies are built in winter which is quite true for many people, especially people who enjoy the sunshine and warmth and like to keep moving. A lot of people focus on their diet and exercise when it comes to their body and how they look overall.

While you might be tempted to eat nothing but salads and gulp green juices, you don’t have to do that. There’s a new weight loss craze in town and it is known as skinny tea Australia.

So what exactly is a skinny tea or most importantly what is teatox?

As the word implies, it a process of detoxing through consumption of tea. In better words, it’s a plan where there are different kinds of teas each for a different type of detox. You could choose to lose weight, tone up belly fat, get glowing skin or just remove the toxins from your body after a heavy few weeks of eating and drinking. It is essential that you follow the plan with a healthy diet and some form of regular exercise. The detoxes vary from a week to two weeks. Every teatox has a different set of instructions so it’s essential you follow the rules and don’t drink the teas as and when you please.

What are the health benefits ofstarting a teatox?

Although there is not enough evidence and information available to suggest that going on a teatox can be beneficial to our health there has been a lot of positive reviews from customers from various teatox programs claiming their skin has become brighter, they feel light and have lost the bloated feeling. Some teatox programs even claim to prevent serious ailments like type 2 diabetes and cancer.


Can you consume solid food while on a teatox?

A teatox unlike many detoxes allows you to have solid food as well. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few snacks throughout the day as long as you drink the tea on the right time. Try to incorporate a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. You could also add superfoods like chia seeds, lucuma powder, maca powder and goji berries into your smoothies, cereals and salads to help with the detoxing. Also make sure you get regular exercise and drink adequate amounts of water.

What are the popular brands when it comes to teatox?

There are so many brands out there claiming to help you lose weight, get glowing skin or tone up so it can be hard to know which one to choose. Some of the popular ones are Skinny me, Bootea and Tiny tea.

What are the risks with undertaking a teatox?

Helping lose body fat or weight is a big claim so to back that up, a lot of teatox companies utilise some powerful ingredients in their teas which can help promote the burning of fat in our body.

However it is extremely important to ask your doctor or a trusted medical professional for advice before starting a teatox program. You have to be sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the tea. The best time to go on a teatox would be during a break or while you are on a holiday so you are safe at home.