When we talk about skin, it is not just the layers that cover your face, but the layers that cover your entire body. Some women may have a beautiful facial skin, but they are sick and tired of the skin of their thighs, rough skin of their legs, etc. that hamper their appearance.

Luckily, I have always been able to maintain my skin in a nice and healthier way. Following are some of the things that I do for skin care:

Healthy Skin

Bathing with my niece’s soap

I know there are a lot of soaps available in the market and we girls generally get confused about which one to buy and which ones to ignore. Trust me – all the brands have chemicals that hamper the skin in the worst manner. It doesn’t matter if you use bath Loofah or not, all that matters is that your soap doesn’t have harmful chemicals. From the time I’ve been using my niece’s kids’ soap, I’ve felt the difference in my skin; it is comparatively smoother and healthier!

Using ice before bed

Most of the girls use ice on their face before applying make-up; I use ice before going to bed. I usually get acnes before my periods and ice helps me in getting rid of the burning sensations caused by acnes.

Healthy Skin

Using cucumber for my eyes

One of the best tips for skin care is using cucumber to kick and avoid dark circles under the eyes. Being a writer is a difficult task; I spend hours staring at the laptop screen, leading to a lot of dark circles. But thanks to my habit of using cucumber slices on my eyes at least once a week, I am able to keep the dark circles away!

Using milk for the skin

Luckily, I don’t have oily skin; I would generally never advice you to use milk on your face, if you have oily skin, but if you have a dry or normal skin, you can wash your face with milk every alternate day, to keep it moisturized enough to maintain its smoothness.

Avoiding makeup

No doubt make-up helps a woman look better and more beautiful, I prefer staying away from it, as much as I can. We are not celebrities to keep ourselves loaded with loud colors all the time; I am always good to use make-up on special occasions, only!