Just like our body ages with every passing day, so does our brain. Detecting the signs of aging on our body is easy, but it is harder to notice the same in our brain. This is the main reason why we are not able to reverse brain aging timely.

Reasons behind brain aging:

  • Loss of plasticity
  • Increase of free radicals and toxins
  • Chemical alterations

All of us will gradually face the above mentioned three scenarios and over time, when our brain will age and decline. Fortunately, now nootropic supplements, which are famous for slowing down the process of brain aging, are available in the market. These supplements not only improve brain health and keep it strong for a longer time, but also increase our memory capacity and boost other cognitive functions.

Nootropics for brain plasticity:

Plasticity is actually the ability of your brain to understand new information and respond to it. Besides, the ability of your brain to perform different cognitive processes like memory formation, storing new information, etc. also depends on the levels of plasticity.

brain effect

Nootropic supplements like Noopept and different nootropic belonging to Racetam family are well known to increase the acetylcholine levels in your brain. Acetylcholine is a very important neurotransmitter and thus regularizing their level helps to protect the brain from effects of aging.

Nootropics for minimizing the levels of free radicals and toxins:

Free radicals are those electrons, which are separated from its original element or compound. Increase in the levels of free radicals is associated with increased cell damage. Along with free radicals, one more area of concern is accumulation of waste toxins. The brain regularly clears out these toxins but as you age the process slows down.

Nootropics like Green Tea, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Pterostilbene, Melatonin, Piperine, Ashwagandha and other belonging to Racetam family are known to function as anti-oxidants and maintain the levels of free radicals. Besides, the nootropic named Centrophenoxine has shown promising results at removing accumulated toxins. Many people take Centrophenoxine to hide the age spots appearing on their skin, but it even works for regulating the brain cells.

Chemical changes:

As people age the production level of several important neurotransmitters decline automatically and this can be experienced significantly. There are many nootropics, which target specific neurotransmitters and regularize their levels. For instance, nootropics belonging to racetam family are known to target and regularize the levels of important neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, Serotoni, Glutamate, Dopoamine, etc.

Lastly, to fight back the brain aging process, you can also pick a few nootropics and stack them together to amplify their individual effects. A perfect nootropic combination will not only affect cognitive functions of your brain, but will also maintain brain plasticity, keep levels of free radicals and toxins under control and regularize the levels of important neurotransmitters.