Ask most people what they like or dislike about summer and you will probably get a pros and cons list that goes something like this…Pros of summer: sunshine, warmer weather, longer days, barbeques, pool, beach, holidays, shorts, thongs, swimwear. The cons of summer, on the other hand, are ironically associated with the pros of summer. And that is, with the warmer weather comes excessive sweating, sunburn, bugs and flies. Holidays could mean stressful times for the adults as they try to keep the peace in their extended family and it could mean boredom for school-aged children when they don’t have anyone to hang out with or when the entertainment runs out. And as nice and relaxing as the pool and beach can be, there are things we women especially have to do before we can throw off those sweat pants and don on a bikini or swimsuit or even shorts, thanks to a culture that deem it unsightly to have hairy legs and hairy armpits. For some of us, summer is the time when our trusted razor gets a good workout. For others, it is the time for visits to the beauty salon to endure the pain of waxing. For yet others, it is time to remove those unwanted hair permanently through laser hair removal treatments. With these and other options for hair removal, one way to decide which option is best for individuals is to compare the pros, cons and prices (e.g. laser hair removal prices) of each option.

Pros and cons of shaving, waxing and laser hair removal

The pros of shaving are that it is painless and inexpensive (only the cost of a razor and shaving cream). The cons of shaving is that it is a method of hair removal that has to be done almost everyday because the hair regrows quickly asit is merely cut off at the skin surface. There is also the risk of getting razor burns and cuts to the skin from using a razor.

The pros of waxing are that it temporarily removes hair at the roots; thereby leaving your skin smooth for about three weeks and it is relatively inexpensive at around $50 for a leg wax. The cons of waxing are that it is painful as hair is literally ripped out at the roots and it requires a hair regrowth of a quarter inch for the wax to effectively stickto the hair.

The pros of laser hair removal are that it removes hair almost permanently and causes no damage to the skin, so is a great hair removal method for people with sensitive skin. The cons of laser hair removal are that some people consider the snapping sensation to be painful though it only feels like a rubber band being snapped against the skin, and it requires several treatments (i.e. every 4 to 6 weeks for the face and every 8 to 10 weeks for the body). Price-wise, laser hair removal prices may seem more expensive than shaving or waxing, but it works out to be cheaper in the long run if you take into account its effectiveness in removing hair permanently and in the cost of a lifetime worth of waxing or other methods of hair removal. There are usually great discounts or packages offered during the summer months for laser hair removal treatments.