In case, you know there has been a sprain in your ankle, it is pertinent that you get medical attention and proper care. You should not lose any time in taking care of the sprained ankle. It should be attended immediately for preventing further damage. For immediate relief, you should ice down the ankle at the earliest. The ice down should be followed by compression and elevation in order to reduce pain and swelling. Ankle braces could cater the necessary compression and assist in reducing movement of the sprained ankle, which could lead to further injury.

Ankle braces would come in different kinds ranging from injuries that are more serious to mild and moderate braces for less serious injuries. Most athletes tend to keep an ankle brace or two in their sports bag for speedy preventative care. The kind of ankle brace you require would depend on the degree of injury to your ankle. It would also depend on whether this has been a history of repeated ankle sprains or it has been the first time you have encountered the problem.


Minor ankle sprains happen when you usually stretch the ligaments of the ankle, but do not tear them. A mild sprain in the ankle would allow you to walk a little and take part in subtle activities. Those, who have minor ankle sprains and just want some extra support when playing different sports, would often make use of mild support ankle braces. These kinds of braces could be as simple as an Ace Bandage or looks like having metal braces and padded supports. The ankles braces have been used for mild or moderate support. They would also cater you with the necessary and helpful compression in order to reduce the pain and swelling. It would limit the amount of motion as possible.