Plantar fasciitis is such a condition, which may cause aching on the bottom portion of your foot close to the heels. However, an interesting fact of such condition of your health is that the level of pain may become more intense in the morning.

Plantar fasciitis – Its symptoms

To know whether you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you can find some symptoms, such as, slight heel ache. And, this slight pain may gradually become a constant pain in due course. Some, other symptoms can be the perceptible stiffness of your calf muscles.


To get rid of the pain, there are braces, and these braces or the splints can be of various types like –

 Plantar fasciitis night splint is such a thing that allows the stretching of plantar fascia and the calf at the time of sleeping. It is intended to lessen the strain on the particular inflamed part on the feet.

Besides, the night dorsiflexion support enables in elongating the calf as well as plantar fascia. Theoretically, it can also help in curing plantar fascia, thus generating a lesser strain in the morning. In addition to it, many people also observed that these night splints can help to reduce initial aching after waking up in a fresh morning.

 Kinds of Night Splint-

Dorsal Night Splint- It offers customized dorsiflexion as well as best comfort for relieving the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. The front shell structure with stretchy hinge makes it much easier to be used. Dorsiflexion regulating belt gives customized stretch. Its detachable liner can be cleaned, and you can use the product for left or right foot.

ProCare Night Splint-

  • Enables in controlled use of a extended stretch on Achilles Tendon or Plantar Fascia
  • Durable, lightweight, single flexible Shell
  • Stretchy bilateral dorsi-flexion bands
  • Best terry liner along with ankle strips for extra comfort

Boot splint– You can get some idea about it from its name. The back of the support is on rear part of your leg and your calf. Generally, it is larger in size than dorsal splint.

So, buy any plantar fasciitis brace according to your own purpose and condition.