Sterile water injections are giving many pregnant women back pain relief during labour.

It is exclusively used as a sterile diluent vehicle for drugs and solutions appropriate for parenteral administration. pH levels are 5.5 (5.0 to 7.0).

A bit of sterile water is transferred under the skin throughout four spots of the lower back. The injections cause a stinging sensation that lasts about 30 seconds and the wears off completely. Studies have shown that nearly 85 per cent of women suffering from back pain during labour have found relief, which can last up to two hours.

Here are some known benefits of sterile water injections: 1. Often provides instant relief. 2. Doesn’t interfere with mother’s state of consciousness. 3. Doesn’t harm the baby. 4. Doesn’t affect mobility. 5. Doesn’t impact the progress of labour. 6. It is a simple procedure. 7. Treatment can be repeated a number of times.

While there are skeptics about the use of sterile water injections, possibly because they are used mostly by midwives, several studies have surmised that the injections might be hitting so-called acupuncture points, thus providing relief from back pain for women during labour.


Remember there is a distinct difference between sterile water and distilled water.

Distilled water is not microorganism-free and might allow its growth, while sterile water is microorganism-free, so organic growth is not possible.

Sterile water cannot transfer pathogens since it has no microorganisms living within it, so it is used mostly in medical settings, where doctors often use it to help clean wounds without leaving patients at risk of infection.