Currently in the United States, the nation is facing a very real and a very serious opiate abuse epidemic says Drug Rehab St. Louis.  The problem here has been a growing one to say the least, and the issue has gotten worse on a very rapidly increasing level since the turn of the century.  Opioids have been dangerously overprescribed in the U.S. and in a big way too for more than a decade now.  A lot of the blame rests on the shoulders of the medical system, but not all of it.

There is still very little control on this, and medical system should be monitored more carefully by doctors, particularly primary care doctors who are prescribing the pills for simple maladies such as back pain.  In turn, the doctors themselves also need to be more cautiously monitored too to avoid medical malpractice.

The situation with opiate abuse and with opiate overprescribing in Missouri, and particularly in St. Louis, has come to attention quite often lately, mostly because this state has been having a particularly bad opiate problem of late. More than one official in the state noted that opioid prescriptions are harder to track in Missouri, as it is the only state in the nation without a prescription drug monitoring database of its own.


Opiate abuse is a problem all across the nation too.  For example:

  • More than 165,000 deaths since 1999 have been at the hands of opiate pain reliever drugs.
  • 19,000 deaths a year from opioid overdoses occur at the hands of opiate pain meds.
  • 1 in 32 people prescribed more than a daily average of 200 morphine-equivalent milligrams will die from the very drug that is supposed to be helpingthem.

What Happened in St. Louis

A recent, major court case came into the public eye recently and really shed some light on just how bad opiate abuse is in St. Louis and across Missouri explains Drug Rehabilitation St. Louis.  Brian Koon, a city parks employee, had been prescribed more than 37,000 pain pills between 2008 and 2012 at levels far above those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), and by other experts.  The result was that a jury of eight women and four men awarded $1.4 million to Koon and an additional $1.2 million for his wife too.

That is just one of many such cases when someone was overprescribed these drugs as a way to make money off them.  It’s called medical malpractice of the very worst kind and it is actually quite prevalent in states like Missouri where the monitoring and the regulations on prescription drugs are relatively negligible.

Now more than ever we have to crack down on this seemingly never-ending problem of prescription drugs abuse in the nation and all that that entails.  The situation is a never ending one to say the least, but if the American people gets together and demands that prescription drug abuse comes to an end, then some headway can be made in this area.

The American people to a greater or lesser degree have been duped into this mindset that they have, “more pain”, than they used to before, and that because of that they need to be taking opiate prescription pain medications, even though these drugs had existed a couple decades ago and people got along just fine then.  According to Drug Rehab Centres in St. Louis, the truth of the matter is that Americans’ whole concept of pain and pain management has changed and in a big way too.  Now the issue is only getting worse and worse as more and more Americans start taking pain meds instead of trying to address their pain problems with more holistic pain management options that don’t involve drugging.