We all know that there can be only two way outs for losing weight- exercise and following healthy diet. There is no shortcut to success, even if it is weight loss. If you are in an illusion that you have undergone a professional program like ReShape-A weight loss balloon and you would remain slim for your entire life through that, then you are wrong.

Despite that, you will have to maintain your diet for regularising the results. If you have a busy routine, due to which you are not able to start a workout routine, then you can opt to follow some natural remedies and include some changes in your daily eating habits which can help a lot in reducing weight, that too at home. If these remedies are followed with exercise, then you are half a way to weight loss.

Here are some of the homely ways which can help you in losing weight easily:-

Drink sufficient amount of water- Keeping your body hydrated is quite important if you are on a weight loss process. It has awesome health benefits. Drinking 4 to 5 litres of water every day, keeps your body healthy and fit. Drinking Luke warm water is a great way of melting away the fat.


Peppermint tea– You must have heard from your friends and neighbours that Peppermint tea helps in weight loss. Peppermint tea is known to contain some primary weight loss ingredients. It provides an overall improvement to the metabolism. A body with stable metabolism can reduce weight very easily. Peppermint tea can be a great replacement for milk tea which causes weight gain instead.

Keep a watch on sugar intake– We all like sugar, as it adds to taste. But sugar is responsible for increasing a lot of weight. It is mandatory to control sugar consumption so that your weight does not increase anymore. Try making slow changes like reducing sweets, pastries and cakes you’re your diet.

Go green– Add fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables to your diet. Make a habit of eating one fruit daily. They are a great replacement for junk snacks like chips and fries. A green salad always improves metabolism and helps in reducing weight. Not only snack time, you can even have salad in your main course meal like dinner. A number of salad recipes are available which make salad as a not-so-boring meal to have.