Maple syrup is considered amongst the best sweeteners which are often used with waffles, bread, pancakes etc. It also serves as a baking ingredient. Maple syrup is produced from the tree called maple, which grows all round the globe.  But unfortunately only North America experiences right climate for harvesting the sap of tree, in order to produce maple syrup. In addition to North America, it is also produced in a few countries like Canada. Being produced in North America it is famous in the region, but many people living away from North America are not able to find the real maple syrup. If you are one of them then you must opt for purchasing the syrup via Maple Syrup Direct. They offer the best quality syrups and make it available in different parts of the world at reasonable prices.

Know the logic behind different grades

Maple syrup is available in different grades namely grade A and grade B. One thing to be noted is that these grades do not depict the quality of the maple syrup, but on the contrary it indicates how strong flavour you will get. In reality the grades of the maple syrup is decided on the basis of the colour of the syrup. The lightest syrup is given the highest grade that is A, and the darkest syrup is given grade B. Grade a include three more classifications –

mapple syrup 1

  • Grade A, light amber has the lightest taste and hence is used on ice-creams etc.
  • Grade A, Medium amber has a mild flavour which is neither too strong nor too light and hence this is the one which most of the people opt for.
  • Grade A, Dark amber has quite a deep flavour.

The grade B syrup has a good deep flavour, which is strongest of all. Thus, you can purchase the maple syrup as per your requirement.