The other name for Anavar is Oxandrolone. Bodybuilders use the source for the cutting cycles. The source is anabolic in nature and is a synthetic version of testosterone DHT. Anavar has got plenty of uses. You may read further to know them.

It is used by the bodybuilders more, because it reduces fat faster than any other source and is also big support in terms of creating toned muscles. Not to forget, the consumption of Anavar alone will not show the results, you have to blend in correct exercise regime for the results you are actually seeking.

You may experience side effects if you are consuming it on daily basis. Do not be ignorant when it comes to cutting cycle dosages.


The right results will appear if the consumption of Anavar is blended with the following:-

  • Right diet
  • Regular exercise

The commonly faced challenge by the body builders is that they lose fat, but cannot maintain toned muscles. If you follow the above mentioned points well, then you may get the results that may be beyond your comprehension levels.

The proper diet should be free of the following:-

  • Sugar
  • Starch
  • Salt
  • Fat

For men

Anadrol is one steroid that causes men to develop female characteristics – breasts. The case is not the same with Anavar. It supports men to overcome the plateaus for gaining strength. In direct terms, it pushes the bodybuilders to a level next. Since it is not a medicine, you may not use it for long durations. Anavar is a real blessing if you are keen on loosing stubborn body fat.

For Women

Women should use the doses of 5-20mg. For women it is a blessing, because it reduces the fat on the belly region (a real tough area) very well and to bulk lean muscles. The lower doses may help them not to generate male characteristics. Women in following phases should not consume it:-

  • While planning to get pregnant
  • Pregnant
  • NursingĀ  their babies

This is because Anavar negatively affects the babies and is a threat to fetus.


Patience pays

At times users of Anavar become so impatient that they end up stacking this source. All you need to do – show patience for the results to show. Give your body some time to reflect the changes. In rush, you may end up punishing your body and start to show side effects.

Listen to your body well in advance before you start to consume Anavar. Choose right for the right result.