Anabolic steroids are gaining popularity these days. Many athletes and bodybuilders take them to stay fit. They often combine different types of steroids to achieve great results. Anadrol and Dianabol are the most efficient supplements available in the market. They are easily available in different parts of the world online.

Choosing the right product

There are many websites that sell different strengths of anabolic steroids. Genesis is a pharmaceutical company that guarantees to sell high quality supplements. You could avail the pills, injections, gels and liquids at genuine prices. Testosterone is a popular supplement to boost endurance, strength and power among the individuals. However, higher dosages of testosterone will result in several side effects. In order to moderate its usage, many users mix the supplement with Anavar genesis.

Experts advise women to combine the supplement with an efficient and mild steroid to minimize the symptoms. Some of the after effects of this supplement are:

  • It will enhance the male characteristics among individuals
  • It will thicken blood
  • It will result in hair loss and thinning of hair among users

Some of the supplements are used for bulking while others are used for cutting cycles. Oxandrolone is an effective steroid but not used by bodybuilders for bulking. This supplement is quite appropriate for baseball and football players. It is also a brilliant supplement for regenerating, preserving and repairing the damaged muscle tissues. If you wish to improve the muscle mass, it might be a little helpful. The supplement is more beneficial for the female athletes.

The dosage requirements among individuals

It could result in several after effects in women. The excessive consumption of the supplement will promote male sexual characteristics among women. Males are recommended to consume 20- 100mg of the supplement for about6- 10 weeks. You will have to wait for a little longer for noticeable results. Many males often consume about 80mg of the supplement for immediate results.

On the other hand, females could consume an average of 10mg of oxandrolone. Female body is quite sensitive to ingredients present in this supplement. Moreover, if they consume lower dosages, they are not prone to many side effects.

As men and women use the supplement for different purposes, the dosage requirements also vary. The reason behind it is there is no such virilization and aromatization. You must explore about different types of steroids before consuming them to improve memory, endurance, strength etc.