In the United States of America, sizeable population suffers from many kinds of dental problems. Therefore, most of the people often have to visit clinic of dentist in order to check the condition of their teeth even if they follow good oral hygiene and no serious dental problem. Sometimes, it is necessary to take X-ray of the teeth in order to check the presence of any cavity in the teeth. In case, there are any dental problems then you may need an extensive X-ray check.

In this small article, we will discuss various conditions where a dentist will recommend for dental X-ray.

Children may need periodic X-ray

During the growing age, the condition of the children’s teeth changes very rapidly. Therefore, most of the dentist will recommend X-raying after a period of 1 to 2 years.

dental xray

To check the previous decay and existing restoration

If you are filling in your teeth then dentist may need to take X-ray in order to determine how much your teeth has restored and also how much it has decayed etc. Many people may need multiple fillings and in such cases, the dentist will recommend taking more number of X-rays in order to determine the amount of restoration. By taking an X-ray, the dentist will also watch the condition of other surrounding teeth and find out the amount of their decay.

For Aged People

When people are in their advanced age, many complications may develop in their teeth. Therefore, the dentist might have to take X-rays very frequently in order to diagnose their dental problems. During this age, many people may have wisdom teeth and hence their condition needs to be monitored on a regular basis. In such cases, X-ray is the best option available with the dentists. This will help them to take informed decision whether the teeth have to be removed or not.

To maintain overall oral health

Many people in the USA are prone to develop cavity in their teeth or may also have gum problem. If the dentist finds any of their patients has a chance of getting cavity or gum problem then he will recommend for X-ray of the teeth in order to detect various possible symptoms of these problems. If you are not cavity prone then you may have to take X-ray less often than others in order to maintain your oral health.

Previous history of teeth procedure

If anyone had an oral surgery or has undergone any kind of dental procedure and needs proper monitoring of his present condition then it is necessary to get his teeth X-rayed in order to detect cavity or any other kind of bone degeneration problems in the teeth. Those who have undergone dental implants also need to get periodically their teeth X-rayed to monitor their present condition.


There are certain kinds of medications, which may cause decay and dry mouth and also many other kinds of oral complications. This needs to be properly checked by the dentists. In such cases taking X-ray may be recommended,

Certain locations

There are certain locations in the country where due to nature of the water conditions oral health may get affected. If you happen to grow up in such locations then your teeth need to be X-rayed often in order to monitor your tooth decay more closely by the dentist.

For treatment of cancer

While taking treatment for cancer, doctors may recommend taking X-ray of the teeth. Some of the therapies like radiation or chemo therapy may cause negative effects on the teeth and the surrounding bones in the patient. Therefore, in order to monitor these conditions, periodic X-ray is necessary. This will help the dentist to know how the cancer treatment is responding.

For general check up

In order to maintain good oral health, the dentist may recommend taking dental X-ray time to time, so that they may know how your teeth are functioning. You can easily book for an appointment with your Fort Worth dentist  by visiting their website.

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