Some things in life are better as we grow older, but some just don’t. As our age goes higher, we are more confident and comfortable with our own skin. Unfortunately, this does not apply when it comes to exercise and losing weight. It does not actually get easier with age, it gets harder.

Dropping extra pounds most of the times feel harder than before. Sometimes, we are discouraged to exercise because a stiff back keeps us from getting out of bed. The busy schedule can incline you to eat on the run, making it more difficult to lose the extra 10 to 20 pounds you gained in your 40’s and another 10 pounds you gained on your 50’s. If you want to lose weight safely even you are over 60, read more.

It is understandable that it is more tempting for you to throw the towel, but just think that it is an uphill battle for anyone to lose weight at 60-something. Losing weight when you’re in your 20’s or 30’s is very possible. But it is interesting to note that some experts say that there is no significant difference in the rate or amount of weight loss in people of either gender who are over 60 years old compared to those who are younger. It might be a little tough, but it is truly probable.

At this age, other challenges may block your way towards achieving your weight goals. You can partner a well-balanced diet with some weight loss supplements like pure garcinia cambogia extract pills. You make consult your doctor before taking one to make sure this is totally safe and will benefit you.


To get started with your weight loss program, you have first to consider some factors. Because of the age element, it is essential that you consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine. There are several medical issues that commonly affect people after the age of 60 such as metabolic and heart diseases. It is very important that you undergo a medical checkup before you attempt on your weight loss program.

Also consider that an individual who is in his 60’s experienced reduction in oxygen intake by as much as 1/3 of what was when they were on their 20’s. Older people have a tougher time taking deep breaths during exercise at a moderate-to-high intensity.

In addition, at this age, your knees, hips and other key joints are prone to develop arthritis. This means that your aerobics routines may need to be altered for swimming or even walking plans.

However, experts believe that you can lose weight and be in better shape with the combination of right exercise, diet and positive point of view. It is not only a numbers game; it is about the amount of discipline you add to your weight loss plans.

At advanced ages, focus more on fat loss, not the weight loss. You should not lose organ tissue, muscle or bone mass, meaning invest in a tool that measures body fat. To make it easier to achieve, drink a lot of water. This is the most common rule that can help you boost your overall health. Also, drinking plenty of water is a beneficial habit for older people. As human age, the hypothalamus that controls thirst and hunger become desensitized, this can dull the thirst signals.

 Also, add more protein in your diet and get a sufficient amount of lean protein. Protein helps support the growth and repair of muscles, especially when partnered with resistance training. The combination increases the rate of calorie burning and metabolic process. Here’s the tip, give your body to adapt without putting too much strain on the joints and muscles and avoid injuries.