With the increase in drug and substance abuse, the need for people to check into rehabilitation centres have become a common sight and everyday more and more centres are emerging with a goal to provide the best possible treatment to the clients. Similarly the luxury drug rehab Malibu is one such rehabilitation overlooking the beautiful Malibu beach, where a complete and detailed treatment of the patient is done.

Procedures and treatments

Providing the ability to maintain long term sobriety is the aim of this centre. It is a luxurious place that will make you feel refreshed and completely new. With treatments that include sports, swimming, group therapies, surfing, hiking, massage, acupuncture and many more effective and innovative ways to make the client feel completely relaxed and comfortable. This CRF-accredited treatment centre includes the over viewing of alcohol abuse, drug and substance abuse, prescription drug abuse, cocaine addiction, opiate addition and much more.

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The family program

There are around more than sixty five treatment sessions that one patient can possibly go through during his or her stay. They pride themselves in providing a holistic approach toward the entire procedure. There are group therapy sessions that include the family as well, because providing the patient with family care and support is what will make the treatment a success. The view of the ocean and the spacious environment with mother nature all around id healing enough and work like magic to all those who prefers the treatment of Seasons.

This luxury drug rehab Malibu is one of a kind and provides therapists that all have specialisation in fields of such treatments. There takes place a dual diagnosis that deals with not only the addiction problem but all the other related issues and physical problems that come with it. This helps in making sure that the patient has a round the clock three sixty degree treatment assessment.