As we know, health is not just a state of physical fitness, but emotional, social and spiritual as well. That is why ‘Individualized Treatment’ aims at improving every aspect of a person’s life otherwise affected by drug or alcohol addiction. Every client is treated as an individual with individual problems.

Goal of Individualized Treatment

The primary goal of a rehab facility is to help a person get rid of his addictions with medications, psychological help and other means. However, apart from standard withdrawal symptoms numerous behavioral problems and family dysfunction can be identified. This treatment provides a holistic healing, so individuals can return to a completely normal life. ‘Individualized Treatment’ is an evidence based treatment and research has suggested being so successful, that this is how most rehabs treat their clients.

Personalized After Care Plan

Personalized aftercare plan is meant to help people make the transition from rehab facility to their home. In controlled environment of a rehab, most clients are able to achieve full sobriety as well as a healthy lifestyle.

However, it is when they make the transition that the risk of relapse is highest. There can be numerous triggers from simple stressful situation to people or places associated with their addiction.

A person is far better to cope with things that he has planned beforehand. This is why it is important for a client to develop an after care plan while at rehab, according to challenges that the individual is going to face in the outside world. This way, when they face stressful situations they don’t have to panic. They just have to follow their plans.

De-Addiction Programs

Contents of Personalized After Care

  • Individuals need to establish a solid support system. This may be their family or a de-addiction guidance counsellor. Either way it is advisable to visit a sobriety counsellor every once in a while.

  • It is important that as far as possible people associated with memories of addiction days be kept at a distance.

  • To avoid a relapse caused by boredom, it is necessary that individual must plan day’s activities to keep them on their toes.
  • All possible triggers and their solutions must be premeditated upon effectively.
  • An individual may also choose to visit support group meetings. This way, they will not just find more incentives to maintain their own sobriety, but also, be an inspiration for other people suffering from similar addiction issues, for instance, Alcoholics anonymous for alcohol addiction.

Overall, an individual needs to take the responsibility. With a complete well-administered Individualized Program, a client can completely get back on his feet for life.

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