When all other ways to get pregnant have failed and you seem to have no other options, perhaps it is time to consider using a surrogate mother to bring a child into this world. What does this mean? First of all, you will need to look for a woman who can carry your child in her womb either from donor sperm or eggs or from yours and the eggs and sperms of your partner. A surrogacy agency will help you in your search. Below are some ways to help you find suitable surrogate mother.

Asks your Family and Friends

Your family and friends may be able to help you find someone who is willing to carry your baby for you. When they can give you suggestion, then consider it as you will easily get all information you need about the potential surrogate and of course you can trust your family and friends. But, finding a good surrogate through this way doesn’t always end up successful as wanting to become a surrogate mother is not enough. The individual must also meet all requirements for this.


Ask from IVF Clinics

Since surrogacy in Russia is legal, there are many IVF clinics you can inquire from. These clinics are expected to have surrogacy assistance programs. This can help you find through a database of women who want to become surrogates.

Surrogacy Agencies

The best way that will surely work when it comes to finding the best surrogate mother is to work with a surrogate agency which offers professional support. This will save you from having to search through databases since the agency will do this task for you ensuring that all women in their programs have undertaken series of examinations to show their capability to become a surrogate. With a surrogacy agency, all you just have to do is pay the specified charge and go through every step of their program.