As men grow older, their testosterone level decreases. Earlier, doctors used to treat this problem using synthetic testosterone. Hypogonadism is a serious issue in men caused by problems in pituitary glands. These days, testosterone medications are used to heal the problems like age related decline of the hormones.

Check whether the therapy is right for you?

Before undergoing the treatment option, you have to check whether you actually need it. The latest statistics have shown most of the elderly men have started undergoing this HRT procedure to increase the levels of testosterone. If you have any doubt whether this therapy is right for you, you must consult your doctor.

They will analyze your condition and offer best solution. Besides the therapy, you must follow a healthy diet plan to stay fit and keep your heart strong. Nutritious diet will also keep the potential side effects at bay. If possible, exercise for about 30 – 45 minutes every day to keep fit and going.

hormone replacement

What are the hormone replacement therapy options?

There are few ways in which the mens hormone therapy is performed. The doctors give injection to the patients once in every 2- 3 weeks. Patients could expect great results within 2 – 3 months. Another way is to apply the testosterone gels to the arms, shoulder and abdomen area. The body will gradually absorb the gel, which in turn will improve the testosterone levels.

There is another effective way to supply testosterone to body. Doctors rotate patches of this medication between the abdomen, backs, buttocks and arms of the patients.

How to apply the gels?

You could not take it in the pill form as it is could harm the liver. It has great absorption properties and hence could be easily applied on skin in gel form. You could apply it after the morning shower because skin pores are opened at that time and their absorption power is highest. Clean and dry your skin before applying it to prevent any infections. These gels have replaced traditional method of applying testosterone patches and the injections.

The doctors recommend small amounts of testosterone for women too. Doctors combine the estrogen hormone with the testosterone therapy to heal the symptoms of menopause. It also treats other issues like hot flashes and liver toxicity. However, you do not have to take this medication without the doctor’s consent.

Buying the mediations online

You have to be really careful while buying the products online. Many websites do not sell reliable and guaranteed products. You must check whether the online store is authorized to sell drugs online. You could shortlist some reputed stores in your city along with their price lists. Besides this, check out some offline stores in your locality. Read the instructions of use, dosage information and nutritive value before buying it.

Like any other treatment option, hormone replacement therapy has few side effects. However, with timely medications, patients could minimize their impact on body. The patients will experience acne, fluid retention, increased urination etc.