If you have never done any kind of weight or strength training in the past, then getting started is going to be the hardest part. Many people would like to reap the benefits that training with weights will provide, however, they don’t know how to get started or what to do in order to ensure that they are gaining strength and muscle safely. We’ve put together some top tips to help you get the best start with strength training:

1.      Get a Personal Trainer:

If you have never trained with weights before, then investing in the services of a personal trainer will certainly be worth it. Rather than simply trying to get results on your own, a good personal trainer will help you to maximise your workouts and give you tips and tricks for what to do in the gym on your own to achieve the best possible results.

2.      Get the Right Supplements:

Strength training often makes for some intense workouts, which can be great for your body, but can also cause problems if you do not replace the nutrients that they use up. For example, intense workouts can cause a deficiency of glutamine in the muscles, which can actually slow down your progress. Be sure to have the right supplements in the form of protein shakes and others, such as glutamine powder NZ to help replenish this nutrient in your muscles.

3.      Eat Well:

When you are strength training, it will be very difficult to see results if you do not also eat healthily. Working out with weights is usually done with the end goal of gaining muscle and strength, and in order to do this effectively, it’s essential that you have a diet which is high in protein. So, make sure that you are eating a lot of lean meat such as chicken, fish, and also eggs which are one of the best sources of protein. If you don’t eat meat or animal products, you can get protein from tofu, and some nuts and seeds.

4.      Stay Hydrated:

After working out, your muscles will need to recover – this is why you shouldn’t work out the same set of muscles on two or more consecutive days. In fact, the recovery process is just as important as your exercise as during this time, this is when your muscles will grow. In order to maximise the recovery process, it’s essential to be drinking enough water. As a rough guideline, you should be drinking around two litres of water each day, however, when you are working out a lot, you’ll lose more water by sweating so you should aim to drink more.

5.      Start Small and Increase:

As you start strength training, the best way to get good results is to start small and gradually increase the weight of your workouts as your strength improves. If you start out with weights that are too heavy for you, then you will run the risk of damaging your muscles and injuring yourself. So, although it’s important to challenge yourself, gradually increasing your load in line with your strength is the most effective method.