Maple Syrup is said to be thick sugary syrup obtained from the sap of red or black maple tree. It is organic and 100% natural and serves to be a perfect, nutritious and healthy alternative to traditional sweeteners. It can substitute sugar and honey in recipes and even in drink as well. There are many facts hidden within a bottle of Canadian Maple Syrup and this is the right time to bring them out.


Facts about maple syrup:

  • Maple Syrup is used as a sweetener, especially for topping in bread and pancakes. This syrup is composed of mineral, vitamins, sugars and amino acids that enhance their uniqueness among other sweeteners.
  • It is used in healthy, dietary foods such as pies, pancakes, waffles and French toasts. You can see it widely used in appetizer sauces, salads and creams.
  • It is three times sweeter than sugar cane, which make them perfect for topping on ice cream, waffles, pan cakes and other desserts. Maple syrup is also used on manufacturing beverages as an essential ingredient in baking cakes.
  • Maple Syrup is a healthy alternative as it is rich in mineral content but has low calorie content. It also plays a vital role in strengthening your immune system. Being an excellent source of manganese and zinc, maple syrup is also aid in energy production.
  • It is rich in potassium that is liable to balance electrolyte and fluids inside your body. It strengthens muscles and maintains the proper functions of your kidney.
  • Riboflthens muscles and maintain the proper functions of your kidney. inside your body. it kes. , pan cakes and other desserts.avin is another important nutrient found in maple syrup and is effective in metabolizing fats, carbohydrates, proteins and ketenes.
  • When taken along with lemon juice, water and pepper, maple syrup removes toxin from the body.
  • Maple syrup is also used as a flavoring agent in beers.