Have you just switched to gluten free diet? Are you confused about which foods to choose and which ones to avoid? Undeniably, for the beginners of gluten free diet, it is a daunting task to choose their foods that will help them stay fit, lose/maintain weight and are not rejected by their tastebuds. To help you avoid choosing the wrong foods, below listed are some foods that are to be avoided when you have taken resolution to go gluten free.

Avoid These 3 Foods

Processed Meats – Already known as unhealthy, processed meats are among those foods that should be avoided for a gluten free diet. Processed meats that include hot dogs, liverwurst, cold cuts, pepperoni, sausages, salami, bologna and pate have high gluten content due to the use of different grains in them. Hence these foods are to be avoided.

There are also debates on whether meats from grain fed animals are bad for gluten intolerant or not. To be on the safer side, you can swap your foods containing protein with healthier and smarter alternative, like gluten free protein bars or powders. These supplements are highly effective, will help you to lose weight, maintain weight as well as build your body. There are several Australian sellers that sell these fat burning and weight loss products online and at an affordable rate.

Grains – anyone who knows the golden rule of gluten free diet is aware of the fact that grains should be totally avoided. Food items that are commonly avoided are cakes, cookies, cereals, bread, muffins, pasta and bagels. But do you know that there are also some more foods that are to be discarded for prevention of any type of reaction to gluten? These are:

  • bread crumbs
  • gravies
  • batter-fried foods
  • croutons
  • pita
  • biscuits
  • ice cream cones
  • rolls
  • tortillas
  • wheat germ
  • noodles
  • dumplings
  • bran
  • pies
  • pancake mixes
  • pumpernickel
  • cornbread
  • rye breads
  • doughnuts
  • vermicelli
  • buns
  • spaghetti
  • pretzels
  • pastries
  • waffles

Treats and sweets – When you are following a gluten-free eating program, you should eliminate treats and sweets which are made with substances containing gluten. Chocolates and candies that contain malt or cereal extract, ice cream, root beer and commercial cake frosting are to be eliminated from the diet list too.

Choose your foods wisely

Though you are aware of what foods to be avoided while on a gluten free diet, but the trick lies in choosing the foods. Here are a few tips to help you choose foods for a gluten free eating program.

Don’t forget to read food labels while shopping – while buying packaged foods, read the labels. Ingredients that contain gluten are mostly highlighted, so you can check if the foods you are buying are suitable for your gluten free diet or not.

Choose naturally gluten free foods – there are many organic foods that are naturally gluten free. Try to include those foods in your diet chart.

Avoid alcoholic drinks that are allergic to those who are gluten intolerant – all alcoholic drinks are not gluten free. Stouts, ales, lagers and beer contain gluten, so, avoid these to prevent reactions.

Staying on a gluten free diet is not a hard task when you know what to choose and how to choose. So, choose your foods properly to enjoy your gluten free diet.