Eyebrows make one of those beautiful parts which are looked at. They are just above the eye, but they are equally important. What most people realized with time is that while the eyes catch quite an attention, the eyebrows are something which people notice subconsciously. Hence, the process of ensuring that eyebrows get better has also become a major requirement. As technology evolved, there came eyebrow embroidery, which is a semi-permanent process and would last for a couple of years. This technique fills in empty spots on the eyebrows, so they look flawless. The color selected would match your natural eyebrow color too. This technique can also thicken the existing eyebrows to make them look better. Now let’s take a look at how it is done.

The ‘How’ Part of it

The way this process is executed shows an attempt at he authorized personnel in making it painless. The first step is to remove strays. What follows is an anesthetic cream to subsidize the pain. Post that, the eyebrows are traced as per your desire and then comes the part which might hurt. An Exacto knife, one that is very thin and sharp, is used to peel off a layer of the skin. That would result in a minor swelling accompanied by some redness. But it won’t last beyond a day or so. After that, they make sure they apply the color that suits you the best. The color will probably fade by half a shade in the first fortnight. However, enough care should be taken to avoid scratching or scrubbing the surface. This may hamper all the hard work done to get that perfect pair of eyebrows.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Why should anyone opt for it?

Quite like any other part of the face, eyebrows need that kind of attention and anybody would love to go for that perfect shape. There are times when people try to go for a plucking session in a desperate attempt to have their eyebrows that stunning look. Sometimes, the plucking turns out to be a little unexpected and some errors give them an odd shape. Plucking kills the hair follicle and it doesn’t grow back. Mending that would need eyebrow embroidery and it can go a long way in helping them out. The best part of it would be having an even pair after the accident.

There are a few things that you should take care of once you have decided to go for this procedure. This is a process where sophistication matters in all areas, especially the equipment. It needs to be completely sterilized before being used and as a consumer, you should see to it personally. Check with the technicians to ensure they are well qualified for this. You may face issues of your brows looking out of place when you flex a muscle in the face.

So, if you have bald spots or thinning issues with your eyebrows, it is best advisable to opt for an embroidery with a set of precautions and after choosing your parts wisely.