A large number of people in the United States are suffering from obesity and study shows that more than thirty five percent of adults are obese. In fact the problem is increasing at a fast rate and it is expected that in the coming years the numbers will be further increasing if no precautions are taken right now. People who are health conscious or are suffering from other serious ailments due to obesity are opting for several procedures and treatments that can help them to get rid of the excess fat.

Liposuction is one such surgical procedure that helps in taking out the excess fat from the body. The worst part of this treatment is it creates a lot of discomfort in the body of the patient and also a lot of bleeding and bruising. In recent times a revolutionary procedure has arrived into the field which uses laser therapy to remove excess fat. This offers patients a more comfortable experience and no bruising and less bleeding. A large number of clinics are coming up in the United States to offer this revolutionary procedure to the clients. But you have to be very vigilant when choosing such clinic as only a few among them offers the best quality services at the lowest price rates.

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Sono Bello is one such clinic which has branches all over the United States and offers some of the state of the art procedures such as:

Micro-Laser Lipo with TriSculpt

Facial Rejuvenation with Lift

Venus Treatments (Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy)


All these procedures come with a lot of benefit unlike the traditional liposuction in the following ways:

The patient can stay awake during the procedure as general anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia is not administered

Small incisions are sometimes made that are so tiny that you cannot even make out

As there are no large incisions and wounds, less risk of infection is there

Get a smooth appearance after the procedure gets over

Less or no downtime at all

Fast recovery and you can even get back to your normal work

Patients at Sono Bello are actually astonished at how brilliant they feel after the procedure. In fact, if you read Sono Bello Reviews you can find that many of the patients who have had Traditional Liposuction in the past are excited at how easy the procedure is and how good they feel.  They all state they wish they had chosen Micro-Laser Lipo with TriSculptprocedure the first time around.

If you are ready to shed those extra pounds and get rid of that ugly body fat; then you should choose the procedures offered by Sono Bello. All these procedures are carried out only the professionals and experienced physicians so you do not have any risk of health complications or infections. Moreover, you can also avail the financing options if you cannot afford the price.

Read Sono Bello Reviews to find out how people are experiencing their smoother, firmer and slimmer body with the advanced procedures.