YUntitledou have decided to brave the wild outdoors. Camping, unlike other ventures, cannot be undertaken lightly. Unless you are planning a tent in your backyard or next to a hotel, you are going to need supplies. You are going to have to consider, carefully, the terrain that you will be living in. This will dictate just what you will need for your camping trip. There are some general items that you will require no matter where you go camping. Follow this checklist to ensure that you have all the gear that you need when you sleep under the stars:

Clean Water

When you are at home, you can simply unscrew a bottle or open the tap and voila, you have drinking water. This is not so simple a matter when you are camping outdoors. You have the option of taking gallons and gallons of water with you. This can be a little inconvenient, especially if you do not have much space in your vehicle. You still run the risk of simply running out of water. To solve this problem you should invest in an alkaline water filter. These bottles will ensure that you can simply scoop up water from any stream or water source and that the water will be purified. You can save yourself from getting sick, as well as not waste time boiling water.


When you are buying a tent, ensure that you get extremely durable ones. A good tent stands the test of time as well as the weather. You should also invest in one that has a fortified floor. This will ensure that the tent will not tear and will be more comfortable to sleep on. Consider the number of people that will be taking part in the camping trip when you are choosing the size. If you prefer your own space, get one that is large enough for just one person. If you don’t mind sharing or snuggling, there are larger tent sizes available.

Sleeping Bags

Comfort is first priority when choosing your sleeping bag. In certain instances, it will be the only thing protecting you from the hard ground. You also need to keep in mind the kind of conditions that you will be facing on your camping trip. If the weather is usually quite warm, you do not want a sleeping bag that is very thick. If it is conversely cold or brisk, you may want a sleeping bag with a considerable amount of insulation.


You are going to need a considerable amount of lighting once the sun sets. The best choice for lighting is ones that have LED bulbs. It is best if you can get a few cheap lamps to set around the campsite. This way you can always see where you are going. It is also important to see what you are about to step on. You do not want to step on some dangerous or venomous critter, after all.

First Aid

There is always the risk of somebody getting injured while camping. This can happen as you are setting up the campsite or while you are hiking along a trail. You should always be prepared with the necessary medical supplies. Stock the kit with some antiseptic, ointment for bites, a few bandages, and maybe some headache medication.

A camping trip is enjoyed only when you have accounted for everything. This is why you should always plan ahead of time and get the necessary supplies. It is important to have the basic supplies to ensure that you are well protected against the elements.