Hair transplant is the procedure of changing the location of hair grafts from the donor portion to the recipient one to cover the no hair portion in such a manner that the people get a head full of hair. The hair transplant is the only one single option to cure the issue of baldness without having side effect and discomfort. With the advancement of newly technique, expertise and equipment now, it is possible to get over the problem of baldness in a single shot if there is the expert guidance of the Surgeon as well as the expert and trained technicians.

The two scientific proven techniques of the hair transplant procedure are namely FUT (Follicular unit transplant) and the FUE (Follicular unit extraction). The one mega advanced method is the combination method is the FUT+FUE, applied in the case of the highest grade of baldness also termed as the Mega/Giga session.

As far as effect and result are concerned, the FUT hair transplant is considered as the widest selection in order to cover the higher grade of baldness with most aesthetic effect. But, it is very important to concern that “are you a suitable candidate for the FUT hair transplant” as the expert surgeon of Jaipur, firstly finalise this aspect before going to perform the FUT hair transplant on the patient. The hair transplant in Jaipur is why becomes the best selection of the procedure. The expert surgeons of Jaipur not only behind the blind race for the monetary gain, they properly assess the patient’s condition and then choose the technique to perform the best hair restoration surgery.

What Eligibility Criteria you Supposed to Possess for the FUT hair Transplant is described below:

A Good Donor Portion

This is the first and foremost requirement for having the FUT hair transplant. It is the primary requirement as the donor strip harvesting process is only possible if you have a good donor portion of the back and sides of the scalp. In the technique of FUT hair transplant, the Surgeon harvest the donor area exactly from the back and sides of the scalp because these areas are resistant to the effect of the DHT (Di-hydro Testosterone) and never show the characteristics of falling out. This is why the FUT hair transplant is considered to be the most suitable technique for covering the bald portion.

Sufficient Patient’s scalp Laxity

The scalp laxity of the patient has a very effective role in the strip harvesting process as it decides the length of the strip to get the grafts number for the procedure. If you have the tight scalp, there will be difficulty in the strip harvesting and surgeon obliged to get the shorter length strip offers the less number of hair grafts. The nature of the scalp laxity and their tightness is a genetic attribute that must be evaluated by the Surgeon before the FUT hair transplant. If the patient has the good scalp laxity, then the strip harvesting step will be more ease to perform along with the longest strip, which contains the greater hair grafts in number.

A Higher Norwood Grade of Baldness

Generally, in all most all cases the method of FUT hair transplant is recommended to sort out the problem of baldness as the hair roots are excised from the safe donor portion results in lifelong sustainable hair roots, but in the case of body hair transplants such as the eyebrow transplant and moustache transplant the FUE hair transplant procedure is recommended. If the patient has the highest grade in Norwood class, then the suitable technique will FUT procedure rather than the FUE hair transplant. In the case of the highest grade like degree VI or VII, the combination method of the FUT+FUE is applied.


On the whole, we can say that the FUT hair transplant is a genuine selection to cover the bald portion if you have the good donor supply along with the scalp laxity that offers you a greater number of grafts to fulfil the need of the higher grade of NW class and meet the goal of the aesthetic hair transplant procedure.