The human growth hormone is a protein based hormone which is produced in the human body by the pituitary gland. This hormone is produced in the body to help in growth of the person and for maintenance of tissues and organs in the body. The maximum levels of human growth hormone are usually found in children and young adults.  The pituitary gland secretes large quantities of human growth hormone in children and young adults and the secretion is the maximum at adolescent years. But as a person ages, the secretions begin to reduce in quantity and when a person crosses forty years of age , the secretions come down drastically.


The human growth hormone plays an important role in the body and some of its functions are :-

  1. It stimulates growth in children and youth.
  2. It helps in reducing weight in a person by converting body fat into muscle mass.
  3. By following this steroid cycle, this hormone considerably helps in increasing energy levels in a person.
  4. This hormone is especially useful in repairing damaged tissues and cells and helps in growth of healthy new tissues and in maintenance of health of various body organs.
  5. This hormone also plays a major role in maintaining healthy hair, nails and skin of a person.



Those children who are deficient in HGH, they are given synthetic form of human growth hormone called as Somatotropin for treating growth disorders. This is also used to treat growth disorders in adults as well. When human growth hormone is injected into a person, he begins to show results immediately and among the major signs are repair of damaged tissue, regeneration of new cells, improvement in immune system of the person as well as helping in fighting infection and diseases in him. This therapy which involves injecting a person with external dose of human growth hormone is called Human growth hormone cycle.  It is also called as Somatotropin cycle. These hormone injections are injected to a person only on the prescription of a doctor. These injection doses are known as HGH CYCLES because they are administered in a particular cyclic pattern. During therapy if a child is given somatotropin injection once daily for five days continuously then a gap of two days is given as a break in between before re-starting another cycle.

One of the most severe side effects is a health condition called as acromegaly. This occurs when there is excessive production of the hormone in the body which leads to bone deformities in the face, neck and skull. The other side effects seen are pain in the neck, joints, muscle pain and increased cholesterol levels.. In some cases edema is also seen in hands and feet. A person may also feel numbness or tingling sensation in their hands and legs in certain cases. It may also cause low blood sugar in some. Some cases of excessive hair growth all over body is also seen.