Dental Implant

Dental implants are basically anchors, which are placed in the jawbones to provide support to the replaced teeth. They have become highly popular as one of the most effective option to replace your missing teeth. Lots of people are opting for them because of their high success rate.


The material used in dental implants is titanium and these procedures are carried out by oral surgeons or dentists specializing in this technique. Before getting a dental implant, there are certain factors which you have to keep in mind like:

  • Health of your teeth
  • Number of teeth that need treatment
  • Teeth replacement
  • Extraction of a tooth before the dental implant

Pre-operative instructions are usually provided by the dental surgeon at dental implants Houston, which include –

  • Use of a special anti-bacterial mouthwash
  • Intake of prescribed antibiotics for few days, before the surgery
  • Take a good and healthy breakfast, before going for surgery
  • If you are planning to get the procedure performed under I.V. sedation avoid eating anything, after midnight
  • Bring along someone, who will assist you in driving to and fro from the hospital

Dental Implant

Procedure of a dental implant

The surgery is basically performed in stages –

  • First the damaged tooth gets removed
  • Next the jawbone is primed for surgery, it may include bone grafting
  • A few days are provided for the jawbone to heal then the metal post are placed in the jawbone
  • A healing period of several months is provided
  • The abutment is placed ( abutment is an extension of metal post that includes the crown)

Is bone grafting required?

The jawbone has to be thick enough for a dental implant otherwise you would have to opt for bone grafting. When you chew, a powerful pressure is exerted on the bone and it should be sufficient enough for supporting the chewing action and the implant.

A part of bone is removed from your hip and transplanted in the jawbone. It takes approximately 9 months for transplanted bone to develop sufficient new bone to support the dental implant. The jawbone condition determines the next proceedings.

You must choose an oral surgeon, who can competently place the dental implant in your mouth perfectly causing no problem in the growth of your bone.

Abutment process

The gum gets reopened to expose dental implant. Abutment is connected to the implant and gum tissue is closed around. The gum is allowed to heal and impressions are taken for making the crowns. Crowns will give the artificial tooth a realistic look.