No one can escape aging. That’s a fact of life everyone must face. However, many age-old techniques have been studied to combat the ugly side of aging, such as changes to your physical appearance, age-related diseases, and decrease of vitality. You don’t even need to contribute a cent to the $292 billion anti-aging meds business, which according to Consumer Reports, are riddled with claims that can be disputed by serious health side effects.

The good news is you have the power to slow down the aging process,stave off age-related health problems, and improve the quality and length of your life simply by embracing a few changes in your lifestyle, diet and routine.

For the body: Anti-aging tips beyond the skin


When it comes to physical aging, skin products first come to mind because the skin is the largest organ in our body and it unfortunately mirrors how unhealthy we are inside. Once you accept this revelation and stir clear of wrinkle creams, you can now undo the damage done to the body and tackle the problem from within. There may be great home remedies for wrinkles that work but lets find out.

  • Dietary changes – If you are overweight, find a nutritional program to reduce your body weight to healthier levels. Once your BMI is at the proper level, eat more fruits and vegetables to your diet, hydrate your body with up to eight glasses of water daily, and switch to whole grains instead of refined carbs.

Aside from taking anti-aging supplements like Vitamins E and C, Glucosamine, Fish Oil, calcium, antioxidants, and Coenzyme Q10 (among many others), you can also incorporate insulin-reducing herbs, such as extracts of blueberry and banana leaves. These herbs work similar to metformin, which was dubbed as ‘The Most Significant Anti-Aging Discovery in Medical History’ by Life Extension magazine.

  • Superfoods– Many studies focus on foods that have contributed to longer lives of people from certain parts of the world. For instance, olive oil has been discovered responsible to lower rates of cancer and heart disease of the people in Crete, Greece.

Other age-defying superfoods include yogurt (for its high calcium content), fish (due to its heart-protecting omega-3 fats), chocolate (for its flavanols that improve the function of blood vessels), and red wine (contains resveratrol that slow down cellular aging).

  • Exercise –As we age, muscle strength, balance, bone density and energy levels are affected significantly. Certain types of exercises could combat these problems.

Aerobic exercises like swimming and jogging could lower blood pressure and sugar levels, improve heart function, and increase good cholesterol. Weights/strength training improves balance, reduces insulin-related problems, and increases strength in the muscles and ligaments. Even simple stretching could help with injury prevention, muscle coordination and increasing energy levels.

Age-Proofing the Brain

Studies on the effects of aging on the brain are widespread. While we can’t do anything about how or when the size and weight of our brains decreases, which reportedly begins by mid-30s, we can protectour brainsfrommemory loss and cognitive decline, as well as reduce the chances of stroke and dementia with proper exercise, nutrition and brain training.

  • Exercise and nutritionAs the old saying goes, what good you do to your body is also good for your brain. Our brain functions with 20 percent of the oxygenused by the entire body. Regular exercise increases tiny blood vessel supply, which bring oxygen-rich bloodto the brain. Every time we exercise, our body also produces a chemical called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which stimulates the growth of brain cells.

Adding certain food to your diet also helps with enhancing memory (pumpkin seeds), improving brainpower (broccoli and other Vitamin K sources), preventing cognitive decline (nuts, olives, whole grains), increasing mental agility (blackcurrant and other Vitamin C sources), and preventing the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease (tomatoes, B vitamins and essential fatty acids from oily fish).

  • Training – Since our brains naturally slow down as we reach 30, it is important to treat our brain as a muscle and train it to be faster, stronger and younger. A friendly game of chess, solving crossword puzzles, learning a new instrument or skill, starting dance lessons, or any other activity that involve focus also speed up your brain.

If you’re into games, you might want to check out Nintendo DS’s “Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day,” which was based on the study of prominent Japanese neuroscientistDr. Ryuta Kawashima that performing mathematical, reading and logical exercises help in stimulating the brain.

Tips for a Youthful Soul

The amount of exercise or dietary changesyou perform will not be as effective to your path to an age-defying life if you are depressed, lack sleep, or continue to lead a stressful day-to-day routine.

  • Depression – If you become depressed after your 30th or 40th birthday, you may be suffering from serotonin deficiency that occurs as we age. Serotonin is a “happy” compound in our brains that give us a relaxed feeling or personal security. Fighting this deficiency off requires the amino acid tryptophan found in milk, cottage cheese, eggs, chickpeas, and other protein-based foods.
  • Sleep and relax – Not only does lack of sleep greatly contribute to the development of fine lines, dark circles and lackluster skin; it also causes your body to release more of the stress hormone called ‘cortisol.’ In excess amounts, cortisol affects cognitive processes such as memory and contributes to the loss of skin collagen that keeps your skin elastic and smooth. You can reduce cortisol levels with regular exercise andrelaxed breathing techniques.
  • Laugh and age gracefully – Laughing, as doctors put it, is the best medicine. This remains true since humor (same as having sex) stimulates a part of our brain that uses the “feel good” chemical messenger dopamine. To increase production of this neurotransmitter, you’ll need to add amino acid tyrosine into your diet by eating dairy, seeds, grains and protein-rich meats.

Incorporating these tips into your life can make a huge impact on how you look and feel as you age. These anti-aging solutions for the body, mind and soul are interconnected; as you work towards a better body inside and out, it affects your brain’s health positively and ultimately leadsto a happier life.

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