There are very few people today that see themselves as exactly the way they want to be. Most people see their flaws or have some area of their life they want to improve, but they see themselves as a work in progress and they set short and long term goals to work continually towards new learning and new skill development.

However, some people see flaws or areas problems in their life as more than just a challenge. They may start to dwell on these perceived deficits or flaws to the point where they cannot see the good, or the potential, in themselves at all.

For some people, those negative messages have a long history. They may have originated from messages sent by parents, siblings and others in life from a very young age. When children, or adults, are constantly criticised and putdown they begin to internalise these messages, overriding any positive thoughts and beliefs they may have about themselves.

When the negative messages hijack thoughts about yourself, you will develop a low self-esteem or sense of self-value and worth. While this may be natural in specific situations and for short periods of time, when it becomes chronic or pervasive it can impact your entire life.

There is good news, however, as a trained Harley Street psychotherapist offers very effective ways to address those negative messages and replace them with accurate, positive and uplifting messages about ourselves.

The Results of Low-Self Esteem

Individuals with low self-esteem can have several different symptoms or signs. It is important to realise that many people with low self-esteem are exceptional in their professional careers, but they may have many doubts about their own abilities.

Some of the more common symptoms of low self-esteem include:

  • Feelings of being ill-equipped to do a job despite training and experience
  • Feeling worthless or incompetent despite positive recognition from others
  • Distrust of people who show love, appreciation or friendship
  • Unrealistic expectations to be “perfect” or always the best or the most successful
  • Distorted views of the motivation of others

People with low self-esteem are often drawn to people who are emotionally destructive. They may not trust someone expressing love and admiration as this is so counter to their own beliefs about themselves and their abilities, talents and value as a human being.

How Therapy Helps

Simply providing positive and realistic feedback to individuals with self-esteem issues will not result in changing their opinion of themselves. Instead, through working with a Harley Street psychotherapist, the individual will examine those deeply held negative messages and reality check them against their actual abilities, talents and achievements through the help of the professional counsellor.

This look back in order to develop healthier, positive and accurate self-messages is a very personal experience. The counsellor will ask the questions and support the introspection, but then also work with the client to replace those negative messages with current, positive and accurate information.

With the support and treatment plan developed by a Harley Street psychotherapist, people of any age can learn to see themselves in a much more positive light. This will provide the foundation to have stronger relationships, more positive interactions and to make the changes in life they have always wanted.